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At Digital Acumen, we never offer a course of action without first ensuring we understand your organization's and audience's needs and goals. We find that although our clients often come to us with an initial solution in mind, we are able to direct many of our clients to a more efficient and often less expensive solution as a result of our joint exploration of the goals and influences important to their organization.

Issues we will discuss and help you evaluate include:

  • Stakeholder expectation, both within the organization and among your customers, and how best to manage that expectation.
  • How best to exploit your existing technical infrastructure?
  • What new technologies should be considered or implemented?
  • What are the considerations and risks for any new technologies being considered?
  • What are the most efficient paths and tools for both development and decision team communications?
  • How you can best define your budget and ROI?
  • How to get the most "bang for your buck" by leveraging existing or emerging resources?
  • How should the solution be implemented, and what is the optimal degree and duration of user support?
  • How to define measurable success criteria?

We work with you to balance all of these often competing issues into a concise, cogent solution with a clear implementation plan and measurable criteria to evaluate success.

To learn more about how Digital Acumen can help your organization, please contact us.


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