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Organizational Technology Leadership

Web 2.0, HTML5, Social Media, Mobile Development? Confused by technology? You are not alone. It's difficult to keep up in this world of information overload. Digital Acumen can help by providing you with the guidance and resources needed to successfully complete all of your technology projects.

Following are some of the benefits of our Technology Leadership role:

  • We give your organization access to a wealth of expertise in digital media development and management.
  • We advise your organization on ways to get the most from your vendors and ensure that your organization maximizes its technology investments.
  • We perform the role of an on-staff Technical Director without the overhead salary of a full-time staff position.
  • We review and negotiate technology vendor contracts to ensure that your organization's interests are protected.
  • We provide independent verification and validation for software designs and third party proposals including product testing and evaluation.

Conference and Annual Meeting Exhibition Planning and Support

Digital Acumen's experts can guide your organization in the effective introduction of technology education, information products, and related services at your major meeting.

  • We specialize in drawing on our depth of consultant and technology industry contacts to develop engaging, and informative technology seminar series and presentations for your attendees.
  • We develop custom curricula for hands-on technology classes targeted to your members' and attendees' needs.
  • We guide you in selecting the ideal media technologies for your exhibits for maximum impact.
  • We enhance your sponsorship relationships by identifying new mechanisms for name or product placement.
  • Our on-site technical team members are unsurpassed in technical knowledge and the rapid resolution of inevitable technical glitches, often helping your other service providers with alternative solutions.
  • Digital Acumen offers a wealth of practical experience and innovative thinking to help you design efficient, effective, and intuitive exhibits employing the latest interactive media technologies.
  • We also develop tools and sites for online meeting support for Internet and handheld access before, during, and after a conference.

Custom e-Learning Design and Development

Drawing on our management team's award-winning history of interactive multimedia design for learning, Digital Acumen's experts can help you create state-of-the-art e-Learning solutions for Internet, intranet, CD-ROM, or mobile delivery, custom tailored for your organization's and users' knowledge-transfer needs.

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