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Posters Services

Digital Acumen's APPRISOR™ Services and our ScientificPosters.Com site conveniently place an organization's wealth of formal scientific posters content at its membership's fingertips. Designed for deployment during and after an organization's Annual Meeting, our web-based reference system organizes and displays poster content for easy access on an exhibition floor, or later through our online website. Our intuitive desktop and mobile-friendly browser interface and powerful search capability help users quickly locate and review the posters in which they are most interested.

ePoster Features

Features of ScientificPosters.Com include:

  • Global Access via the Internet, or local access through an isolated network on site
  • Customized look including your organization's name and logo
  • Flexible, dynamic, cross-platform structure for mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Compatibility with output from existing databases or 3rd-party Abstract Submission providers
  • Posters are searchable by Topic, Author, Number, or matching text
  • Ability to upload author content via the Internet in advance of the meeting
  • Our APPRISOR format protects your authors' valuable intellectual property
  • Supports single-page or multi-page poster format
  • Tracking of system access for detailed use statistics

Professional Poster Printing Services

Our poster printing service includes:

  • Easy, secure upload and payment through our ePoster submission site
  • Free downloadable printed poster template available from our site
  • User may choose from a variety of printed sizes
  • All posters professionally printed and delivered to the meeting location
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed

On-Site Services

  • Protected, on-site workstations for user access
  • On-site technical support staffing to assist users and collect electronic poster content and authors review/approvals
  • Support for on-site author narration recording and upload
  • Our support staff hang each poster printed through our service
  • Hosting on site for reliable, instant access

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